• Promethiel
    4 months ago

    I feel that their next war is on education and masculinity.

    The latest shots in the former march on by under the banner of ‘woke [literally any noun]’ is ruining our children these days, but that war has been raging since the 80s. ‘They’re’ winning by strangling the purse strings and efficiencies out of public education.

    The latter? Masculinity? That one has been a total occupation for hundreds of years already.

    Our sisters, mothers, and daughters have been warning us even before the side effects get to them. Of the emotional self-immolation a Patriarchic-controlled society demands of men by violence and shame until ‘Men don’t cry’ can be such poisonous words that many men end up kissing the barrel of a gun than using their lips to communicate their struggles to each other.

    It took trauma and the effects of such turning sharpening empathy into a survival mechanism rather than the too often opposite for me to even have been able to introspect myself out of just the more common and pervasive aspects of ‘toxic masculinity’.

    Make no mistakes; whatever you want to call ‘hearts and minds’, the twisted craven swine undermining the concept of basic humanity know very well to keep assaulting them. Education and empathy are the only things that can empower an actual successful removal of the Takers’ ability to do the same.