• TheHarpyEagle
    14 months ago

    Sorry, I mistook you as indicating a casual relationship between the two. I do hope to find some data on the issue once I have time.

    • @[email protected]
      24 months ago

      If you find it, let us all here on Lemmy know - it looks like people are very interested (I know I would be to see a refresher). The sad part is how this stuff has been known for decades, but people just ignore it - e.g. “just grab 'em by the p$#&y”. There are some, like John Oliver and Innuendo Studios, who are doing fantastic work to spread awareness of matters that need attention (and Jon Stewart is back, sort of:-), but ofc that won’t reach the ears of people who refuse to listen, and instead choose to highly regard those who spread fear and chaos, most likely purely for profit reasons.