In the absence of a flair system on lemmy yet, let’s try to make it easier to scan through posts by type in here by using tags:

  • [meta] for discussions/suggestions about this community itself
  • [article] for news articles
  • [blog] for any blog-style content
  • [video] for video resources
  • [academic] for academic studies and sources
  • [discussion] for text post questions, rants, and/or discussions
  • [meme] for memes
  • [image] for any non-meme images
  • [misc] for anything that doesn’t fall cleanly into any of the other categories

I have copied that idea from another community. I forgot which one so sorry!

Feel free to discuss that here, I would like that change because it makes it a lot easier

  • @Candelestine
    91 year ago

    Sticky pls. I would also personally leave this thread unlocked to give a space for general meta discussion, but that’s up to you.

    • @ConfidentLonelyOPM
      51 year ago

      Yes of course, will do that when I get home. On the app its not possible to make it sticky. I will leave it open for discussion as well. Because it’s really important for me that this community is able to discuss all changes and open!