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    If successful, the case would lodge broader and deeper charges that place Murdoch, Lewis and News UK chief Rebekah Brooks, among other executives, at center stage.

    Harry’s lawyer, David Sherborne, wrote in legal briefs in support of the argument that Brooks “lied and/or gave deliberately misleading evidence” at her criminal trial.

    For years, investigators and journalists working for Murdoch’s British tabloids had hacked into the voicemails and emails of royals, politicians and the stars of sports, music, movies and more.

    Lewis stands accused of helping to propagate a false tale that a leading member of Parliament had tried to access Brooks’ computer data illegally, to justify the wiping clean of her emails.

    Subsequent scoops showed the practice to be widespread — “law breaking on an industrial scale,” in the memorable words of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    Brown’s voice messages, his financial documents and his family’s medical records had been targeted by the paper as well, through efforts at hacking and paying hospital staffers for private information that appeared in The Sun.

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