I got a message that my post was “anti derechos humanos” (anti human rights). That is crazy, do not understand. Is this a common mistake or what? I do not even remember a post with the human rights subject.

  • @jordanlund
    53 months ago

    I guess we’d need to see the post in question?

    Bots sometimes go off the rails due to misreadings or bad code.

    I really wanted to make a joke about “Was your post sinister?” but then I realized nobody but me would get the right handed/left handed gag. :(

    • freddyOP
      23 months ago

      I did not quote the post because it is in spanish.

      In short: a guy argued that my country’s goverment is a dictatorship because expeled out the staff of an UN office that is supposed to work on human rights issues and in his opinion there are human rights violations. I replied that a dictatorship is defined by the means a group of people get and/or keep political power and stay in power against the will of majority. Democracy: power by people’s vote, otherwise could be a dictatorship. The violations of human rights does not define dictatorship and made this example: Israel’s goverment is legal and democratic but, in mi opinion, is commiting genocide against Palestine people, so violations of human rights does not equal dictatorship.

      I guess that was the trigger, the guy freaked out and i Just stoped the argument, thought it was useless.