I’ve been on Wayland for the past two years exclusively (Nvidia).

I thought it was okay for the most part but then I had to switch to an X session recently. The experience felt about the same. Out of curiosity, I played a couple of games and realized they worked much better. Steam doesn’t go nuts either.

Made me think maybe people aren’t actually adopting it that aggressively despite the constant coverage in the community. And that maybe I should just go back.

  • Nephele Konstantatou
    23 months ago

    I’ve been daily-driving hyprland for the last couple of months and it’s been very smooth sailing for me. I configured it to very closely resemble my bspwm - polybar config though it was easier to set up. I have to say that in 99% of cases the experience is equivalent. You also get to run Wayland exclusive applications (though those aren’t really common).