I’ve been the main moderator of the same community since 2016. This evening, i approved my last comment.

I’m leaving for two reasons:

  1. Reddit went public a week ago. I didn’t volunteer to work for a publicly traded company, i volunteered to work for a community. As long as i live under capitalism i accept that my labor will generate value for shareholders, but damned if i ever do it for free. (this is not a Faulkner quote)

  2. April 1st is coming and i’m scared they might do another r/place. Doing in r/place 2022 and 2023 has left me dejected and bitter and i don’t want to feel obligated to participate again.

Leaving felt like ripping myself off of something warm i’ve been comfortably glued to for a long time. Still recommend it for anyone still giving Reddit shareholders free labor

EDIT: there are too many comments to respond to, but i’ve appreciated all of them! Thank you

  • @confluence
    872 months ago

    That must’ve been tough to do. You have the respect of at least one internet stranger 🫡

    • @RedditWanderer
      2 months ago

      Lemmings did the tough thing months (years?) ago when thousands of third party apps and community development went to waste.

      He took the easy way out and helped spez IPO.

      • Cethin
        142 months ago

        Some of us take a longer path than others. All are valid. Sure, maybe some have better outcomes, but no one should be criticized for taking a step on the right direction, however late it may be. You don’t know what they’ve been through or what it meant to them. If you’re only going to be negative then you probably just shouldn’t comment.

        • @RedditWanderer
          -42 months ago

          You call it “a longer path”, I call it having your cake and eating it, and whining about it