• @agent_flounder
    152 months ago

    Barbara Sher, “Refuse to Choose”

    My takeaways…

    Keep an ideas journal. Write down your project ideas. Let yourself go wild on paper. Sometimes getting the creativity out on paper “scratches the itch” and you no longer need to actually start the project

    We sometimes take on new hobbies and projects for a purpose other than conventional completion. And that’s perfectly ok. We might want to get a sense of what it is like, or achieve some level of recognition, or gain proficiency but not expertise.

    For example, I used to do autocross racing and after a couple years I won a podium finish and a trophy in a local race and I felt like “ok cool good enough” and the interest waned.

    It is still important to be able to learn how to accomplish goals, though. Because it feels good and builds some self esteem and gives us a chance to learn how to plan better, and improve our ability to stick to something, even if only a little.

    I’ve had to recognize that I have to significantly pare down what I work on, and be choosy about which projects to actually commit to. That’s why the ideas journal helps me.

    I know I don’t have to start everything, won’t forget anything, but be able to recognize those projects of greatest interest that I keep thinking about long term. Those are the ones I am going to be able to finish.