TikTok has long been in the crosshairs of powerful pro-Israel lobbying organizations due to the speed and ease with which content critical of Israeli atrocities and apartheid spreads on its platform. The risk younger users might question the concertedly concealed, horrific reality of Israel’s occupation has become all the graver throughout the Gaza genocide. Now, those same groups have corralled U.S. lawmakers into launching a fatal attack on free speech online.

  • UnfortunateShort
    12 months ago

    It’s a platform in the hands of a totalitarian state, with a way bigger army, that might just imprison or enslave you on a whim. And that state uses said platform to spy on hundreds of millions, find people with the wrong attitude or beliefs, and to control information that spreads and to whom.

    If you think a couple ten thousand dead are more important, I’d say you’re either naive or delusional. I don’t care whether you’re afraid of me, I’d just advise you to be more afraid of reality.