• Franklin
    22 months ago

    Yo, it might not be the right place but that’s not the best way to treat others either.

    • @[email protected]
      12 months ago

      I thought I was being mild by skirting the point and use irony. It is a somewhat vapid comment that adds nothing to the discussion. Plus it’s rather self centered and unaware of others. The combination of those factors struck me as rather short sighted, to use a meek term.

      I could’ve said nothing, perhaps, and just downvoted. Not sure if that would’ve improved things, though.

      • Pika
        2 months ago

        Personally I don’t think you improved things either way. At best it came off as a humorous jab at the person, but honestly it leaned more towards super snarky from my perspective. The only thing you’ve done is potentially discourage the person from commenting period next time. That likely wasn’t your intent but, that’s how it read for me.