I was talking to my manager the other day, discussing the languages we are using at $dayjob. He kind of offhandedly said that he thinks TypeScript is a temporary fad and soon everything will go back to using JavaScript. He doesn’t like that it’s made by Microsoft either.

I’m not a frontend developer so I don’t really know, but my general impression is that everything is moving more and more towards TypeScript, not away from it. But maybe I’m wrong?

Does anyone who actually works with TypeScript have any impression about this?

  • @aidan
    12 months ago

    Developers are still catching up, but it will be one-way traffic from here.

    Honestly I disagree, maybe I exist in a bit of an echo chamber, but it seems like since around ES2020 or so (some) people have been transitioning from TS to write JS with JSDoc and modern JS style rules.

    I’ve basically transitioned to Go for work(where I can), but don’t really mind writing modern JS