• It wasn’t is, but my SIL went through this; same process: 2 tries, second was a success, and a third is waiting. But she’s at the age where it’s getting to be a real concern for viability, so the third will probably forever remain an unrealized possibility.

    That injection routine sounded hellish, though.

    • @EssentialNPC
      23 months ago

      Yeah, it is. The injections suck, and the hormone shifts are awful. One of my friends is a general practitioner in the Navy, and every time he prescribes any fertility hormone, he also gives a referral for couples counseling. “I know you believe you won’t need it, and you might be right, but in my experience by the time you realize you need it, you need it RIGHT NOW.” The IVF hormones are around then the ones he can prescribe, and it was a wild ride.

      Of course I don’t know your SIL, but please extend my best to her and her family at some point. As one stranger on the Internet who knows roughly the path she walked, I am very happy it went well for her in the end.

      Also, real talk, you sound like a great in-law to her for being so aware of everything. Kudos to you.