• @[email protected]
    542 months ago

    Any time someone brings this up I wonder if they’re financed by the fossil fuel industry as it’s just such a weird point to make.

    First: consider the alternatives: Every form of energy has an environmental cost associated with it. Surely we agree that while not perfect, PV is vastly superior in this regard to gas/coal/oil? It might even be less polluting than nuclear, but it’s early here and I’m too tired to research this.

    Second: PV modules have a very long life span. At least 20 years. After that time, they’ll probably be operating still, but at maybe 60-80% of peak performance. That’s probably not good enough for commercial use, but I built myself a nice little garden shed solar array using “old” modules because they were basically free and I don’t care that much about peak performance in my use case. That’s to say, these things can still be used for a long time.

    Third: if they ever do need to be completely recycled, well, that’s doable. In the EU, it’s actually compulsory. The processes are there, although they don’t quite scale yet. That’s mainly because there’s just not that many old modules to recycle yet.

    sooo with all that going on, what exactly are you basing your point on?