Decades ago my friends and I stole a car in Los Angeles and took a drive into the mountains just outside of LA. I was in high school and this was BEFORE all celular proliferation so we didn’t know where to go or what to do — we were shit thieves and one of us saw keys in a car and we jumped on it. Anyway — we ended up heading up a what I remember as a mountain road — and it couldn’t have been where Griffith park is or the Hollywood hills — likely, now that I think about it, we were so scared where headed east on the 210.

We figured we wouldn’t get caught if we just took the car into the mountains and drove home in the morning. Kidsarefuckingstupid

Anyway — the road we were on turned into a dirt road and we came around a bend and our headlight lit up two soldiers in full gear — helmets and automatic rifles so we stopped and they started screaming:


We left.

And got close enough to home to ditch the car and walk.

But this isn’t about our idiot joyride — this is about WTF soldiers.

Can anyone connect these dots? What were the soldiers doing?

(Also — I shared this because I MISS LA and I come to this community and find no post for a month! Shame on you! :-) but seriously — expates need your pics of parks etc.)

  • @[email protected]
    73 months ago

    99% sure they were local National Guard doing a drill. They were doing war games and didn’t want you drving through the middle of it.

    If they’d had an actual plan,they would have brought traffic cones, signs etc. and had a guy in civvies blocking the road.

      • @[email protected]
        33 months ago

        “Sure thing, Captain. I know a great place. Not too far from the city and nobody ever comes there. We’ll get our drills in and still be home before midnight. No, sir, I absolutely guarantee no one ever uses that road.”