Mine is Sympathy For The Devil Song by The Rolling Stones

I could not take the background singers and it would enrage me!

hoo hooo hoo hooo hoo hooo for 6 solid minutes!.

I studied the song and the story behind it and became at piece with it eventually.

I just heard it on a YouTube channel and realized I like it now.

  • Chozo
    2 months ago

    I love Charismatic Voice! Her channel has introduced me to a lot of really awesome music that I’d never heard of before, and has gotten me to really study some other songs I’ve already known and discover new things to love about them. I’ve been watching her for a few years now, and it’s been really fun watching her evolve into a true metalhead.

    • @OhmsLawn
      42 months ago

      I’ve literally teared up from songs I didn’t care about before after her analysis.