Mine is Sympathy For The Devil Song by The Rolling Stones

I could not take the background singers and it would enrage me!

hoo hooo hoo hooo hoo hooo for 6 solid minutes!.

I studied the song and the story behind it and became at piece with it eventually.

I just heard it on a YouTube channel and realized I like it now.

  • @TheCheddarCheese
    2 months ago

    The disappearance of hatsune miku

    I think the reason I hated it was because of the title, I found the song back when I first played Project Sekai and thought the creator hated Miku or something because of the name, so my child brain immediately got defensive.

    Then I randomly looked up the lyrics and as it is with me and dark songs I started listening to it more and more and over time I just grew to like it

    The same thing happened with Meltdown except indstead of hating it I just didn’t really care. It’s one of my favorite Vocaloid songs now, and just in general