• @Xanis
    3 months ago

    I am willing to meet in the middle and have discussions. Actual, factual conversations. In fact I love learning! And though it does tickle the old pride, I will admit when I’m wrong. The problem is that this willingness to learn and tackle things outside of my comfort zone is never, ever mirrored by anyone who claims to be conservative, and those who often yell loudly views that align with Conservatives.

    John_McMurray, your response is right in line with how Conservatives typically respond. Reverse the conversation with a pointed finger and blame. There is a reason why most of us assume any Conservative with a particularly strong view is actually doing exactly what they’re against behind closed doors. In most cases, hell in nearly all cases, when a secret comes to light about a Conservative it is about them doing something they’re so strongly against.

    Thing is, we do WANT to work together. We just no longer trust you. This is our home too.