And someone just set himself on fire outside the courthouse!

  • @CluckN
    291 month ago

    Do these articles mean anything anymore? I’ve seen the media hype up Trump legal issues for the last 6 years saying, “Trump is in big trouble this time”. Each case it feels like nothing happens.

    • @takeda
      91 month ago

      This is true. He might never see justice, but this trial is as far as it ever got. 6 years ago we had Mueller investigation, where he refused to inspect him. Now he got 2 impeachments (sadly without removal), 4 indictments 2 federal, 2 state charges, 91 felonies and the first criminal trial that is happening right now.

      Though keep in mind that if he is found innocent then this is it for that indictments. If he is found guilty, you can bet your ass he will appeal and this won’t be over.

    • @[email protected]
      21 month ago

      “Donald absolutely could theoretically have a consequence from this action,” our not-really-a-lawyer who works in the periphery of that area of law weighs in.