Edit: I want to automatically export my themes because I’ve lost themes in the past on Firefox when addon data would unexpectedly get wiped.

I did some searches but it appears that addons like Stylus only support syncing with cloud storage.

  • @TheTwelveYearOldOP
    2 months ago

    I’ve received complaints about spamming posts so I added the instance names in the titles. I thought there’s no harm in posting crossposting, I know Lemmy is federated but I want to ensure they show up instead of hoping for automatic feed algorithm to show them when it may or may not.

    IDK why I so much flak. If any here downvotes my posts or this comment please respond below with your thoughts to help me figure out how to move forward.

    • davel [he/him]
      72 months ago

      Because Lemmy is still relatively small, and because a lot of people view by “All” or “Local”, if you crosspost to many communities, your posts will dominate people’s frontpage, and they will downvote you.

      What I find works well is to not post to more than two communities—three at the very most, and that those communities be on different instances.