• @woelkchen
    221 month ago

    Is it coming back to macs?

    No because Apple does not care to support any gaming Macs but iPhone games. Most importantly, they don’t support Vulkan. The MoltenVK wrapper attempt from Valve turned out to be not working so well. It’s on Apple to support Vulkan and not break binary compatibility every couple of years.

    People who can afford overpriced Macs can also just get a Steam Deck.

    • @[email protected]
      61 month ago

      Apple does a weird half-assed (or not even half) attempt at “proper” gaming on Macs. They released their Proton-like compatibility layer 1-2 years ago now, but it’s targeted at developers to help them “port” their games over and there isn’t really a user-friendly way to simply use it with any game (plus the results are very spotty, further considering that developers are supposed to make adjustments to their games).

      I don’t think Apple wants to support just about any game to run on their platform. The games themselves aren’t the problem for Apple, but rather that established gaming store fronts don’t bring Apple any money and they’d rather sell these games on the App Store.