I am trying to cut out Reddit from my life but I’m always ending up re-installing it because I simply don’t know what do with my time. We have two small kids (1y and 3y) so I can’t simply just read more, train more, play games, watch TV, etc.

It’s rather… Reddit filled those small micro breaks I get throughout the day. When I have a few minutes on my own when my wife has the kids.

Lemmy is nice but it’s just not enough content to fill this need. I have been thinking about Blinkist or reading something lighter on my phone (something which is easy to take a break from whenever).

  • @[email protected]
    2 months ago

    Good question. I like Lemmy because there is no doom-scrolling. Of course it’s a bit more complicated if you want some distraction available whenever you want. In the old times people read magazines or newspapers. Maybe an RSS feed reader with some blogs, but that won’t be interactive. You can also use Mastodon or other social media. Mastodon is a bit more populated than Lemmy. I also like podcasts and there is a plethora of good podcasts around… But that’s not “micro”.