I am trying to cut out Reddit from my life but I’m always ending up re-installing it because I simply don’t know what do with my time. We have two small kids (1y and 3y) so I can’t simply just read more, train more, play games, watch TV, etc.

It’s rather… Reddit filled those small micro breaks I get throughout the day. When I have a few minutes on my own when my wife has the kids.

Lemmy is nice but it’s just not enough content to fill this need. I have been thinking about Blinkist or reading something lighter on my phone (something which is easy to take a break from whenever).

  • Lvxferre
    202 months ago

    …I browse Lemmy?

    As in: my interaction with Reddit has been already reduced to a bare minimum, before I migrated. As such what you’re calling “not enough content” was already enough for me to replace whatever I still did in Reddit, plus a bit more. (I’m far more active here than I was there.)