• Flying Squid
    452 months ago

    Every time I see them make up entire sentences worth of gibberish because they think words have magic powers, I laugh.

    • @BonesOfTheMoonOPM
      232 months ago

      In those groups they have all these templates of crazy listed in their files section. They send my lawyer friend into hysterics.

      • @wjrii
        192 months ago

        The bizarre thing to me is not so much their arguments that the US Government is illegitimate and does not have the best interests of its citizens/property/whatever at heart. The former is only really stupid to the extent you don’t compare it with every other government, and the latter is extreme and defeatist but not without a certain amount of evidence. Don’t get me wrong, it’s deeply troubling that they feel this way and it’s a mindset that’s ripe for radicalization, but it’s easy to see how they get there.

        No, the real bonkers part is that they feel this way, yet they still operate as though there’s an administrative path through it all, and that the horrific deep state still feels compelled to respect certain 18th century legal niceties and exists within some legal framework, even if it’s not the one they let be public knowledge. I guess maybe it’s a way to square the circle of their deep alienation from society with their desire to still live within it. Maybe the legal system humors them to keep them from doing something really nihilistic and dangerous.

    • @[email protected]
      102 months ago

      I mean it’s not like they don’t have magic powers. It’s just that the law that society has (more or less) agreed on has WAY BETTER magic powers.

    • Canadian_anarchist
      42 months ago

      This sovcit has asserted “grammatical deception” as part of their counter claim, yet they submit a crime against syntax and grammar.