Hi everyone!

I’m happy to share my app, Octopi Launcher, which I’ve worked on for quite a while now.

Octopi Launcher is a launcher for Android, built with the latest trends in mind, which includes visual and haptic effects, and support for foldables.


  • App drawer, dock and homescreen
  • Different homescreen for different screen layout/ orientation/ size/ foldable position
  • Widgets and (autoscrolling) widget stacks
  • Home screen folders
  • Fine/ free positioning of home screen apps and widgets
  • Big home screen icons
  • Swipe actions for icons
  • Display drawer items as icons or tiles (or single list); sort by installed date or updated date
  • App search + instant launch
  • Icon pack support
  • Wallpaper blur when opening app drawer (on supported devices)
  • Work profile support
  • Fun animations, reflections and haptic effects

Screenshot album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8xiXqSABV7Rhad139

Firstly, join the Google Group to gain access: https://groups.google.com/g/octopi-launcher-alpha-testers

Then, use this link to download the closed beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.otp.octopilauncher

I’d love to hear your feedback below, and have a nice day!

  • @Defaced
    12 months ago

    While I liked Niagara for what it tries to do, it’s price for a launcher was steep, and Nova IMHO is not a good company to emulate. May I ask why the need to join the Google group?

    • @FutileRecipe
      22 months ago

      While I liked Niagara for what it tries to do, it’s price for a launcher was steep…

      Quality often is, and it’s not terribly steep, in my opinion, if you consider that it’s the gateway into your phone and is used practically every time you unlock your phone. I personally opted for the lifetime subscription to not deal with any monthlys.

    • @ock88OP
      12 months ago

      It will be priced very competitively, as it’s a personal project and I do not need to pay anyone else ;) Nova’s model before it’s bought over was great. i still recall being part of those who paid $0.10 for it. The Google group is how Google currently handles closed beta sign-ups, not very intuitive, I agree.

    • tb_
      12 months ago

      why the need to join the Google group?

      Because closed beta