I got hyped by the TV series so I will play the game for the first time (yes, I know, it took this long). I usually prefer to buy GOG version of a game but I saw the rating of FO4 GOG at 3.9/5. Why is that? I have read somewhere that there is technical issue of some sort which includes modding for GOG version? I expected higher gamer rating for FO4 in GOG but a lower rating typically indicates for me some genuine issues.

Edit: also the GOG Version says it does not include the Creation Club. What is it and is it in some way better than using Nexus mods?

  • @Exeous
    182 months ago

    Review say no problem…

    “Aside of a review about the game itself, I’d like to share about mod support of this. First, GOG version of Fallout 4 binary (Fallout4.exe) is virtually same as Steam version except Steam stubs. It even requires steam_api64.dll to run and GoG version has steam_api64.dll but it is a wrapper of galaxy client API. It means… GoG version has same bug that Steam version has. You will get darker face bug with some texture replacers, nvidia gameworks related crash on RTX 3000 series or later and goes on. In short, yes GoG version has no problem to use with F4SE.
    However, if mods are not working correctly, check fallout.ini and change or add following line in [ARHCIVE] section: bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Then all the mods can be used right away.
    Note to “Buttout” f4se plugin: Use “OnProcessAttach” for LoadMethod in “xSE PluginPreloader.xml””