I got hyped by the TV series so I will play the game for the first time (yes, I know, it took this long). I usually prefer to buy GOG version of a game but I saw the rating of FO4 GOG at 3.9/5. Why is that? I have read somewhere that there is technical issue of some sort which includes modding for GOG version? I expected higher gamer rating for FO4 in GOG but a lower rating typically indicates for me some genuine issues.

Edit: also the GOG Version says it does not include the Creation Club. What is it and is it in some way better than using Nexus mods?

  • @Delta_V
    52 months ago

    The gunplay is nothing like a modern FPS. Hitting your targets depends on your character’s stats, and is only somewhat related to where you aim the cursor. You can aim right at something, but if your skills are low, the bullets will curve and miss, and the inverse is true too - with high skill, your bullets aimed off-target will curve to hit.

    There’s no sprinting - your movement speed is locked to ‘mosey’.

    It crashes a lot, and some saves crash immediately when loaded, so you need to save often across a variety of different save files to avoid losing too much progress.