• @[email protected]
      31 month ago

      It’s an open source codec. I convert from FLAC (lossless) to Opus (lossy), I couldn’t hear much if any difference between FLAC and 128kbits opus, your mileage may vary, but it saves me 10x space, very useful for a big library on an SD card compared to lossless.

      • @Valmond
        21 month ago

        Reasonable audiophiles usually agree that 320kbps mp3s are as good ar raw/wav/FLAC. They’re maybe twice the size of 128 ones IIRC, who everyone notice the drop of quality in. 160 is okay IMO for walkman or car territory.

        GBs are cheap nowadays too :-)

      • @aluminium
        11 month ago

        I even have encoded the audio on some older videos down to 64K still cant hear a difference over bluetooth.

        • @Trollception
          11 month ago

          Bluetooth is pretty lossy unless you are using LDAC. That said so is a 128k or 64k music file. LDAC is 990kbps

          • @cmhe
            1 month ago

            You cannot compare kbps numbers of files encoded with different codecs and make assumptions on quality.

            Each codec is able to compress differently good, so a 64kbps in opus sounds much better than 64kbps in mp3, for instance. 128 kbps in opus for stereo is plenty, quasi-lossless, while on other formats it is pretty bad.