The land of the rising sun is know for many things. Mount Fuji, Samurai, Anime, Sushi and wacky game shows. But what it isn’t widely known for is its incredibly safe streets. Not just for drivers, but for people on bikes or just simply walking. I hope I can convey the simple safety of Japanese streets and the importance of incorporating their essence into our own streets here in North America.

  • @daltotron
    22 months ago

    Watched a video on japanese zoning, recently listened to a podcast on it as well, with the same guy that made it. It has convinced me pretty thoroughly that the zoning and urban infrastructure is handled in probably the most easily agreeable and sensible way, in japan, in such a way that americans could probably find it pretty agreeable, more than like, say, public housing or something. Sucks that nimbyism reigns supreme here.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a degree, or 10 years of experience in a highly in-demand field, so that’s not looking like an option unless I could maybe figure out some way to transfer to a japanese school through like, a local community college or something. I probably need to look into that anyways since my life is stagnating hard right now, though I don’t really want to go back to school. I dunno, I’d also be fine with moving around and living in America too I suppose, or really anywhere other than like, [redacted small town american shithole], but god damn. I dunno, I really wish the immigration process to other countries was easier than it was, it’d be bad enough abandoning all your friends and support structures, and embedded knowledge of how to live in a place, but then there’s a huge amount of other arbitrary shit you have to deal with on top of that.