I must admit I have no deep knowledge of stuttering, but I always thought it was a psychological thing. So if you teach someone a sign language, will they continue stuttering? On the same note, are there native sign language speakers who stutter?

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    2 months ago

    My brother had a stutter. It’s a bit psychological and a bit just technique. A lot of people can learn to drop their stutter with physical therapy and speech training, like my brother did. I doubt a stutter could even manifest in sign language with the exception of other issues that cause involuntary hand movement (like tourettes or other disorders that come with tics or muscle spasms), considering it’s not a problem in the brain but somewhere between the brain and your mouth/lungs. But nobody would call that a stutter.

    • BlyfhOP
      12 months ago

      Oh I see. Thanks for the insight! So that means no stuttering.