Can someone explain to me why the fuck I should pay for installing packages that are available in other distros?

WTF Ubuntu???

  • Black Xanthus
    23 months ago

    I don’t run Ubuntu, but was surprised I’d not heard of this.

    This is canonical trying to make money for security updates, and stopping companies just running it for free, instead of using a licence (my own take). They are following a model by IBM, apparently.

    You can get round it by getting a ‘pro’ licence for free for up to 5 machines. At least according to ask Ubuntu.

    More reasons to avoid Ubuntu, imo.

    • Avid Amoeba
      3 months ago

      That’s not at all what’s happening. Canonical have not put anything that was previously available without an account, behind this service. As others have noted, they’re making something that was previously paid-only, free for up to 5 machines.