• @GiddyGap
    11 year ago

    What about the actors and other staff who don’t get paid for their work? Not everyone is a major Hollywood star.

    • Dogeek
      21 year ago

      Although monopolies can suck balls, at this point, in the streaming industry, there’s just too much competition, to the point that you have to purchase a service for its catalog, and that’s 4-5 services to subscribe to at this point. It used to be more convenient to pirate stuff, then it got more convenient to just get netflix and hulu, now I’m back sailing the high seas.

    • @dustyData
      11 year ago

      Staff don’t see a dime off revenue. They were already paid for their time worked during production. You paying a ticket or subscription doesn’t give staff any more money.

    • @bi_tux
      -21 year ago

      They get paid by the producer. The producer get’s money by selling a license to netflix, scamazon prime, etc. Netflix get’s their money by scamming people, if no one wants to get scammed anymore and everyone’d stop subscribing to streaming services. The producer would have to actually sell it for a fair price directly to consumers or sell it to someone who sells it to consumers, like it used to be.

      Always remember, that if they can’t pay their staff, they have to find another buisnes or distribution model. The actors aren’t the risk takers of the producers investment.

      You should also never view pirates as a potential customer, if I wouldn’t pirate I still wouldn’t buy it.