While many Americans believe anti-Asian hate has passed, experts say many communities are still living in fear.

Southeast Asian Americans face assault, verbal abuse and threats more than any other Asian American group, a new report by advocacy group The Asian American Foundation revealed.

The report, which surveyed 6,200 people across ethnicities, said 32% of Asian Americans nationwide were called a slur over the past 12 months, and 29% were verbally harassed or abused. Those numbers were markedly higher for Southeast Asian Americans, of whom 40% were called a slur and 38% faced verbal abuse.

While many Americans believe the Covid-fueled wave of anti-Asian hate has passed, TAAF Chief Executive Norman Chen said that’s very much not the case.

Anti-Asian hate crimes dropped from 2021 to 2022, but Asian Americans surveyed say their daily realities are not free from its effects. In fact, 61% said hate continued to increase over the last year.

  • @MicroWaveOP
    2 months ago

    From the article, it’s likely because they live and work in lower income areas:

    He said it’s hard to give one reason why Southeast Asians are feeling the brunt of this hate, but he thinks financial status might play a role. A 2020 report by the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center said that all Southeast Asian ethnic groups have a lower per capita income than the average in the U.S.

    “It depends on socioeconomics,” Chen said. “Where these people are living, where they’re commuting, where they’re working. That may be a factor as well.”

    • Flying Squid
      2 months ago

      Oh, I see. I guess I was misunderstanding what I was reading or something. Thanks.