As soon as people showed the slightest signs of paying less attention to the Israel-Gaza situation, the entire frontpage is suddenly not enshittified anymore. Wow, look at this insane rapper beef! I haven’t seen memes this funny in ages! Hey hockey fans, look at this insane helldivers 2 drama! Of course, all the political bullshit is conveniently removed so you’re not angry about that, you’re not supposed to be angry about that right now…

    • @DanTDMOP
      52 months ago

      Hmmm you make a good point

      Still not convinced the Reddit front page isn’t artificially burying Israeli-Palestine content though

      • SatansMaggotyCumFart
        72 months ago

        Why would they?

        Those views are as good as any other and pissed off people create lots of engagement.

    • CMLVI
      22 months ago

      I bet Drake just clicks the check boxes and doesn’t unsubscribe from marketing emails.