From the Fanfest keynote, the 6.55 update will come with a full 24-hour downtime while they work on replacing the JP server infrastructure.

    • @StovetopOP
      35 months ago

      They did not have the normal PLL going over the features, but it will be the conclusion of the 6.x MSQ. Looking at the patch notes for 6.5 as well, it has the following to say:

      Further main scenario quests, Manderville weapon quests, Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures quests, Tataru’s Grand Endeavor quests, Endwalker Tribal Alliance quests, and a new island sanctuary quest are scheduled to be released in Patch 6.55.

      Before the release of Dawntrail, they will also be doing the FF16 crossover event which is set to happen around April or so.