Focus on the present moment. Worrying about tomorrow will not make tomorrow anything different than would otherwise be. The only way you can change what happens is by changing how you meet it. What else are you able to adjust otherwise? I have never seen anyone worry hard enough to change the future. I have tried that, and nothing good happens there. Instead, it is always what happens once we do meet the day which alters events, and that is up to us to decide.

So, instead of worrying about what might happen, think about how absolutely incredible it is that you are a living being capable of contemplating the cosmos, and that whatever you meet tomorrow you will do so as an extension of the cosmos itself trying to rationalize reality. You’re doing just fine. Keep doing your best to be a good human being - give others some slack because they either don’t mean to mess up or they’re not worth your time if they do it intentionally, and most importantly remember that how you categorize what you experience is not always what has actually happened.

Check yourself as you judge an event or person, because you are human - and humans make mistakes.