Rule 1: Keep it light-hearted:

This community is dedicated to humor and laughter, so let’s keep the tone light and positive. Avoid posting content that is offensive, mean-spirited, or excessively dark.

Rule 2: Respectful Engagement:

Maintain a respectful and inclusive community by refraining from engaging in hate speech, including racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, or any form of discrimination targeting individuals based on their religion, race, ethnicity, or belief system. This includes personal attacks, harassment, promotion of harmful ideologies, or spreading divisive content. Violations of this rule will result in content removal and permanent bans. Keep it civil!

Rule 3: No spamming!

Avoid posting repetitive or irrelevant content, excessive self-promotion, or any form of spam. Let’s keep the community focused on quality humor-related discussions and content.

Rule 4: No explicit or NSFW content.

Please refrain from posting explicit or not safe for work (NSFW) content. This community should be suitable for all ages and maintain a family-friendly atmosphere.

Rule 5: Stay on topic:

Keep your posts relevant to humor-related topics. Avoid excessive self-promotion, unrelated discussions, or off-topic content that doesn’t contribute to the humor aspect of the community.

Rule 6: Moderators Discretion:

The moderators retain the right to remove any content, ban users/bots if deemed necessary, and handle warnings, and the removal of comments or posts at their sole discretion. Repeated violations of our rules may result in a permanent ban from the community. The moderators will always operate in good faith but maintain full autonomy and authority to ban users for any duration of time, with or without prior warning, based on their assessment of user actions across all of the federated networks.

Remember, the primary goal of this community is to bring laughter and joy. Let’s create a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone to share and appreciate humor while also fostering respect, inclusivity, and avoiding spam. The moderators are entrusted with maintaining the integrity of the community and ensuring compliance with the rules.

Please report any violation of rules!

Warning: Strict compliance with all the rules is imperative. Failure to read and adhere to them will not be tolerated. Violations may result in immediate removal of your content and a permanent ban from the community.

We retain the discretion to modify the rules as we deem necessary.