I have been trying to figure out why 3/4 of the games in my Daphne folder show the wrong name, despite having a proper miyoogamelist.xml file in the correct folder. Turns out they don’t get their name from there. Instead they get their name from a file located in : /BIOS/arcade_lists/arcade-rom-names.txt

If you edit that file with the name of your rom and the desired rom name and rescan the folder ,the rom names will show up as expected. Hope this helps someone else who was having issues.

I also changed the /RApp/Daphne/config.json file to correctly show the roms directory.

the line “rompath”: “…/…/Roms/Daphne”,

was changed to : “rompath”: “…/…/Roms/Daphne/roms”,

Now my Daphne folder behaves like all the other folders and jumps directly to a game selection screen.

Now to figure out how to get the darn game to recognize the controller. (Only seems to work in Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace.

  • Usually_Lurker
    211 months ago

    This is for the Miyoo mini plus on Onion Firmware. Not sure how to edit via wefwef. Still learning the Fediverse things.

  • k-tec
    111 months ago

    That’s a great tip. Thank you for sharing!

    I haven’t used wefwef myself but, hopefully, someone will stumble upon this thread who can advise.