The insurgent energy of a 2016 Trump rally is gone. But the enemies are the same, and that may be all that matters.

  • Haus
    303 months ago

    They had to get to Golden Corral before the dinner rush.

  • Optional
    233 months ago

    They spoke about the backchannels of Telegram and QAnon and of Trump finishing his job of draining the damn swamp. They spoke about the drugs coming into the country and the open border and the ever-rising price of gas and groceries. They offered their own stories, of personal encounters with Trump, of his office responding to a letter for help from the wife of a veteran suffering from Parkinson’s after serving at the Camp Lejeune marine base. They asked me to listen to Steve Bannon on Pluto TV and get my news from EPOCH.

    I think i see the problem

  • z3rOR0ne
    143 months ago

    What’s sad is I don’t think this means that Trump doesn’t have their vote, it’s just this isn’t an election where people can be convinced.

    Nobody’s sitting on the fence on this one going, “God, I’m so conflicted, both candidates speak to my values. It’s such a hard choice.”

    Everybody has made their decision already and so even if you’re a Trump supporter, it’s more like “yeah, gonna vote for him…anyways.”

    • @cybersandwich
      103 months ago

      Don’t underestimate the stupid people out there that still need convincing. If this election is as close as the last one small percentages matter.