I’m new to perchance and tried to make several generators from the simple list ones and more complex and for whatever reason, they don’t work and have an error. I only change what’s in the list/left side.

Right now I’m trying to make a Pokémon type+team generator. Copied the text that goes in the bottom right box, but left out other elements that I don’t want included. For ex, the generator I copied from has it randomize your clothes and appearance so I removed that to keep it strictly to Pokémon types only.

I haven’t added anything on the left side yet besides the title. I’ve tried make this before with several lists on the left side, there’s no error but when I click randomize it doesn’t do anything.

Any help is appreciated!

  • @EfreetSK
    2 months ago

    Hi, first of all sorry for all the downvotes and people not telling you why - c/asklemmy is meant for more generic, openended questions. If you need help, then try one of the programming communities or maybe stackoverflow.com. Not sure how many such communities we have on Lemmy but I’m sure we can find some

    Edit - to people downvoting, don’t be dicks, we aren’t on reddit anymore 🙂 We’re relatively small group of people here, try to be helpful instead and suggest the right communities 👍