In the late 1970s, H&K partnered with Hensoldt to create the ZP/AP (Ziel/Aiming; Projektor/Projector) and then ZPP/APP (Ziel/Aiming; Punkt/Point; Projektor/Projector). This was essentially a calibrated flashlight with an aiming point and pressure switch. It projected a beam of light that was specifically 2m wide at 50m distance, with a black spot in the center which would measure 30cm at 50m. This could be focused and zeroed o the black spot was a functional aiming point, allowing both target identification and engagement…

A very similar concept was used in the by the British Special Air Service most famously during the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege. Instead of the ZPP their MP5s where fitted with Maglite D-cell flashlights on top however.

Ian’s video on the ZPP: [8:47]

  • @Boinkage
    83 months ago

    Why wait for your muzzle flash to give away your position when you could mount a literal flashlight on your gun so the enemy knows exactly where you are at all times?

    • @[email protected]
      53 months ago

      I don’t think that the government ninjas entering rooms using breaching charges, flashbangs, sledgehammers, etc are too pressed about having a light give them away lol

      In a world before red dot sights, 50 meters of ‘illumination sighting’ for clearing rooms and buildings is plenty good