This is a place to discuss extensions, scripts, and other tools.

How should we include them in our community? Should we include them in our apps list, or should they be a separate list? Which scripts and tools should be included? Should they be listed in a similar way to the apps list or do we want to see different information about them?

    • @gedaliyahOPM
      42 months ago

      We can certainly do that. Should we consider changing the community name (back) to “Lemmy Apps” and let those communities manages other aspects? Are there exceptions that we should include here (Instance Assistant, etc.)?

      • @[email protected]
        22 months ago

        Coming back to Lemmy Apps seems good, it seems like a nice topic that should be wide enough.

        Some people might only be interested in apps and not scripts and vice versa. Instance Assistant belongs to [email protected], but that’s my opinion.