tl;dr: duty lights on the arbitrary list vs the wurkkos “tactical” lol light, what makes the comically less expensive td0x series worse

So, I’m looking through the arbitrary list of popular lights, specifically the duty light section, which lists Acebeam L35, Eagletac GX30L2-R, Acebeam L18, and Acebeam EC35 II if you ctrl-f “duty”. I’m also interested in wurkkos because everyone likes the ts10 it seems, and they’ve got a few other lights on the arbitrary list.

Anyway, looking through the wurkkos website I noticed they had a “tactical” light, and it’s way cheaper while looking (to me) equivalent in features.

I assume the “(to me)” part is the problem and I’m missing something big here, but I figured I’d ask because the price difference is pretty meaningful and wurkkos seems like a company people like. Is the td0x an ok budget option, or is it dollar store trash, or is it lacking some specific thing that swat firefighter tactical operatorlords need, or what.

  • @ZakM
    22 months ago

    Wurkkos stuff is usually fine. It’s also usually less durable, reliable, and efficient than Acebeam.

    The duty lights section is intended for people who are using lights in safety-critical situations and life-threatening emergencies, so it’s reserved for brands with a well-established reputation for reliability. If that’s you, I suggest paying the extra and bringing a backup. If it isn’t, lights like the Wurkkos TD series are fine.

  • electromage
    2 months ago

    I can’t speak to all of them but I have a TD01C and it seems pretty solid. Its very bright, runs cool, the UI is handy. I have it setup in tactical mode so it starts on high every time. The build quality is at least on part with EagleTac, maybe not as good as Acebeam.