• Optional
    302 months ago

    Earlier this month, Musk met with former President Donald Trump in Florida. He’s called for a “red wave” in upcoming U.S. elections, and he’s shared, liked or otherwise promoted far-right accounts and content on X, where he now has 178.8 million listed followers. He has repeatedly disparaged undocumented immigrants, ranted against corporate diversity initiatives and made absurd claims that migrants from Haiti are cannibals.

    Musk’s political ideology stands at odds with groups of people most likely to buy his products.

    Boy, it sure is a mystery, tell you whut. Who can say what the answer is??

  • @reddig33
    202 months ago

    Dump Elon and the stock would probably improve in a year.

  • @Holyginz
    162 months ago

    As more competition shows up people will start to see how overvalued tesla is and that what they offer is not worth what you pay.

    • @guacupado
      -122 months ago

      I kind of disagree. I hate Musk as much as the next guy, but the ultimate profiteer of any popular product you use are all assholes, Musk is just one of the few that love social media. The only EV I see close to the Y is the Ioniq 5. And with Polestar making the news this weekend don’t get me started on the Polestar 2. Literal first reaction was that it felt like being back in a HMMWV. Small windows, bulky ass center console. Even with the tie for me between the Y and the 5, the 5 is so slow in comparison.

      Other EVs too me just have absurd price-to-performance ratio considering what you can push from a Tesla, half the features, or just look ugly as fuck. The Leaf could have been synonymous with EVs are the way saying Tesla is, but fuck their vehicles look ugly. Many of the makers think a 30k EV has to look like a 2000 car and reserve their best looks for expensive models. Lucid and Fisker were way overestimated considering how much they were charging for a brand name that doesn’t exist yet.

      • @Holyginz
        192 months ago

        The teslas have poor build quality for deluxe vehicle prices. Not too mention they break from standards everywhere they possibly can, not because what they do is better or even a good idea. They just do it to be the company equivalent of an edgy teen. Even ignoring the monstrosity that is the ugly ass truck they make, it’s not designed to be a car, it’s designed to be a gadget. The steering wheel alone proves it.

      • @[email protected]
        72 months ago

        I find Tesla’s to be dated as hell looking and ugly as fuck. I do agree that my Leaf is ugly as fuck too. But I trust Nissan quality more than Tesla.

      • @stoly
        62 months ago

        The difference is that the other auto makers are good at making autos. They just needed time to catch up, and here we are.

      • NoSpiritAnimal
        2 months ago

        Tesla is not worth 10 times more than Ford, but the stock market says they are.

        In 2022 Tesla took in $81B in revenue, Ford took in more than twice that at $168B.

        Rivian is also seeing between 100 and 200% growth year over year for the last 4 years, and is now pulling in over $5 billion in revenue per year.

        BYD moved 530k units in Q1, and unless Tesla sets a personal best (not likely) they are now the Number 2 electric vehicle maker.

        The 2024 numbers for Tesla are going to suck. Musk has alienated his target demos. They’ve already discounted their range, and have just now started increasing the price.

        Tesla never paid for marketing because they had a celebrity CEO. What becomes of a word-of-mouth company when the word-of-mouth becomes negative and the cool factor evaporates?

        24 hours later Edit: oof, almost 100k less than expected.

  • Flying Squid
    92 months ago

    But you can pay extra for the horn to make a fart sound!

    • @baldingpudenda
      62 months ago

      It has DLC? Fuck that. Gonna make a small bicycle tuk tuk with a solar panel on the roof.