In addition to Herzog, the ceremony marking three decades since the genocide began is being attended by former United States president Bill Clinton, who has called his failure to intervene on behalf of the Tutsis “one of the greatest regrets of my presidency.”

  • @LinkerbaanOP
    2 months ago

    For those unfamiliar Herzog is the president of israel. Israel was likely a major supplier of weapons for the the Rwandan Genocide and refuses to disclose the documents for it

    Records of Israeli arms sales during Rwandan genocide to remain sealed

    The state’s evidence and rationale behind keeping the information sealed was presented behind closed doors; however, it was based “only off of relevant considerations,” according to the court’s decision.

    “In Israeli law, there is no legal right that is absolute, and even the right to information… is permitted to be passed over in light of other protected interests,” the justices ruled.

    And also… Israel is committing Genocide right now.