A federal judge in Florida tossed out Miami’s city district maps on Wednesday, ruling that the city racially gerrymandered for decades, throwing the electoral future of the city into question.

A group of civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and NAACP, sued Miami in 2022, claiming that its makeup of council districts illegally segregated residents because the city explicitly sorted districts by ethnic makeup.

Judge Michael Moore agreed in his ruling Wednesday.

  • @Hawke
    411 month ago

    I assume they’re going to ignore the ruling and use the maps anyway.

      • @Hawke
        231 month ago

        Not just Florida but yes.

        Ignore the ruling until it is ”too late” then shrug and say, “Sowwy we ran out of time, guess we’ll have to just use the only maps we have”.

        Disgusting ratfuckery.

        • @[email protected]
          161 month ago

          That or keep submitting different but equally racially gerrymandered maps until you run out of time and “Whoops, guess we gotta use one of the pile of racist ones”

        • @Skepticpunk
          1 month ago

          What’s stopping them from just being like “fuck you, we’re going to have a third party create a map to fit our guidelines and unless you can submit something that’s at least as good as this, we’re going to use it”?

    • @OneOrTheOtherDontAskMe
      61 month ago

      I think a similar case had it’s feet drag for a few years and they ruled the maps were unconstitutional and then the defense kept it alive long enough that we have to default to last year’s maps, the rejected ones, until the next election.

      Don’t stop them, they get what they want. Try to stop them, they delay and get what they want.