• KrombopulosMikl
    1911 months ago

    Of course Reason claims allowing huge mergers is better for consumers. I love how you can just say anything now and it doesn’t even matter if it’s based on reality.

    • @agitatedpotato
      1011 months ago

      Studies show reality is not very good for consumers so we got rid of it.

    • @aidanOPM
      111 months ago

      I don’t think that’s a new thing

  • @TokenBoomer
    1111 months ago

    Please! After Facebook, HRBlock, Taxcut and Taxslayer were caught mishandling private information yesterday, they should all be fined until they can’t afford to pay the janitors to clean up the mess, then sued and their golden parachutes garnished. The FTC can’t even stop random spam calls.