• @[email protected]
    383 months ago

    I thought that was just being in Texas? You’re fucking the planet AND society at the same time!? Hell, that’s just Tuesday down there.

    • @reddig33
      23 months ago

      He’s just taking advantage of laws passed by the state legislature. Texas cities used to have some influence over their unincorporated surrounding areas, but someone in the lege got pissed off about it.

      Of course, Tesla could still be a good neighbor, but everyone please think about the shareholders! 🙄

  • @Railing5132
    113 months ago

    There are environmental regulations in Texas‽

  • @solomon42069
    83 months ago

    Taking advantage of weak environmental laws - what a good look for an EV company.

  • @Glytch
    73 months ago

    A large business avoided environmental regulations in a Republican state.

    In other news, water makes things wet.

  • @Treczoks
    63 months ago

    They would love to do this everywhere. In Germany, this didn’t really work. They were facing a shutdown of their factories access to the sewer system. Lets see if they can clean up their shit.

  • @inclementimmigrant
    53 months ago

    I mean pretty par for course for all of these Republican run states that always goes on about “Local government knows best for its citizens” and then immediately goes “No, not that way!” when they aren’t adhering to their narrow conservative viewpoints.