I am trying to run Win98 games using Retroarch 1.19.1 on Android 14. I am trying to play either Restaurant Empire or Roller Coaster Tycoon currently, but am also interested in other games from that time.

I have looked at other sites which recommend using DosBox-Pure. I have also tried the core and SVN versions.

Nothing happens in the core and SVN versions except to say that the file cannot be run in Dos mode. When using Pure, roller coaster tycoon shows a list of exe files, but restaurant empire doesn’t register any exe files. If I try to start any of roller coaster tycoon’s files it says that it cannot be run in Dos mode.

Other sites said you have to install Win98 SE, which I tried but can’t seem to get it to work on Android, even though there are some folks that were able to make it happen. I got it to the screen where it says to continue with setup press enter, but when I press enter on the onscreen keyboard nothing happens (esc does nothing either).

Here are the links where I got the iso files:

I also downloaded the boot disc from the Win98 link (the 7z file) but it says no executable file found.

I am not super knowledgeable about retro gaming so any assistance is helpful. (I have had success with a few games using other cores within Retroarch as well as the Dolphin emulator)

  • DosDude👾
    1 month ago

    The thing with win9x on dosbox pure is that it makes a hard drive image running the os. Then you have to mount the image of the game to install it. This means you probably have to make a different image with the os and the game installed auto running during startup for every seperate game.

    I don’t think there’s an easy and disk space efficient way to do this unfortunately.

    As for installing windows 98, you have to create a hard disk image with imgmake first. Then you have to mount the boot disk as floppy, and the windows cd as cd rom drive. Only then can you install windows 98. You don’t need a boot floppy only if you have the OEM Full edition.

    • @acetanilideOP
      31 month ago

      That sucks. Thank you for your help

    • @acetanilideOP
      21 month ago

      Thanks for your help. Just wanted to tell you I ended up with that full edition and got Roller Coaster Tycoon working! It is absolutely atrocious without a mouse but it does work lol. I remembered the graphics much differently than they actually are 😆