To increase the security of my NAT configuration, I opted to implement port triggering instead of the traditional port forwarding on my router. I chose this approach in order to configure it from my nix configuration.

Specifically, I have enabled port 443 triggering on my router and included the following configuration:

 nftables = {
   enable = true;
   ruleset = ''
     table ip nat {
       chain PREROUTING {
         type nat hook prerouting priority dstnat; policy accept;
         iifname "wlp2s0" tcp dport 443 dnat to
 nat = {
   enable = true;
   internalInterfaces = ["lo"];
   externalInterface = "wlp2s0";
   forwardPorts = [
       sourcePort = 443;
       proto = "tcp";
       destination = "";

Now, after rebuilding, it still does not work and I’m left to wonder why. Are both the NAT and nftables settings even meant to run at the same time?

    • @TeaTasticOP
      21 day ago

      I have firewall disabled for my ports, so that’s not the issue here.