• @DevCat
    551 month ago

    “Why would my child want to hide such a horrible thing from me?”

    Maybe because you’re the reason they’re hiding how they feel?

    • @Potatos_are_not_friends
      41 month ago

      That’s my favorite part.

      Look at how they react to the surprise of this law is exactly reflective of how they would react if their kids came up to them with anything.

  • @Iheartcheese
    171 month ago

    They are banned from from being REQUIRED to talk…can teachers still do so though?

    • @Zachariah
      111 month ago

      I’d say there could be unintended consequences of tying the teachers’ hands about this. There may be a legitimate reason to discuss almost anything about a child with their parent. It’s amazing anyone would want to do that job given all the things that can land on their plate.

      • @Iheartcheese
        1 month ago

        Yes and no? This one is a hell of a grey area ya know? We don’t want teachers going behind kids backs and outing their kids to religious freak parents but obviously there ARE things teachers need to tell parents

        • @brygphilomena
          11 month ago

          For a lot of things, teachers are mandatory reporters. Certain topics get reported to CPS and authorities regardless of the child’s wishes.

          Fortunately, they are pretty clearly defined around “a danger to self or others” and sexuality, gender identity, and pronouns don’t fall into that category.